Jeana Keough

Jeana Keough talks road trips, Valentine's Day plans, and more!

on Feb 11, 2009

This week's episode with Frankie, Kara and I driving back to school was a lot more fun then the editing showed. I was only grouchy for a little bit of the drive — the rest was fun and laughter. We stopped for a fun lunch at a vegetable stand and had a great dinner with Cheryl and Dan, our San Francisco friends, that night. Thanks Dan and Jeremey for helping to move all that stuff — Frankie just points where he wants it. Kara's new penthouse is amazing...amazingly expensive. I love it and she is very happy there. Frankie’s furniture looks great. Kara is still torn if she is going to stay there next year or transfer to UCLA. I hope she stays for 2 more years — I hate the thought of moving again.

Kara's new penthouse is amazing...amazingly expensive.

I am spending Valentine's Day with Uncle Richie and my single girlfriends. He is taking us to the Montage Hotel. Kara is flying in to be with Blair on Valentine's Day. She is such a romantic girl — it is her favorite holiday of all. Vicki and Tamra and I are having Valentine’s lunch together at the Ritz Carlton. I am having caviar!

I loved seeing Tamra visit her Dad — it was great to see their efforts to make up. The flooding was horrible — it really hits home to see that so soon after we had devastating fires. It makes me appreciate every day.