Jo De La Rosa

Jo De La Rosa reveals why she broke off her engagement to Slade.

on Jan 23, 2007


Since the first episode aired, I have to say it's been great to feel the support from the viewers and from my friends and family. Everyone has been so supportive of my decisions, but of course I get a little bit worried. I care what people think, to a degree, but it's all televised, and so some people think I'm so dumb for breaking off my engagement, and some people think, "Oh, why is she going back to him now?" Even though I stand by my choices, I'm not going to lie, I like to please people. One thing that I think people don't understand about me is that before I met Slade, I was living on my own. You know, I had roommates, but I had three jobs. I lived paying for everything on my own, my car, my apartment, for college. My parents weren't helping me. I was a survivor, and I was proud that I made it on my own. It was hard, there were months when there wasn't toilet paper in my house or food in my cabinets. But that was the reality of it, and it was a time that sucked, but I really got to look at the bright side and say, you know what? I'm doing this for myself.