Lauri Peterson

Lauri Peterson shares what life has been like for her and her family after taking leave from The Real Housewives of OC.

on Jan 7, 2009

It was so nice to sit down with Tamra and enjoy lunch without a million distractions. I was able to "check my problems at the door" and enjoy my girl time with brain candy topics. It was so relaxing to sit in the warm sun, overlooking the breath taking views of the Laguna Beach coastline and talk about boobs! I never talk about boobs - at least I never thought I did until I watched this series. Anyway, I was able to briefly escape from my reality of dealing with the aftermath of Josh's arrest which included serious things like jail, bail bonds, rehab facilities, doctors, brain scans, attorneys, hearings, etc...Thank you Tamra for the "Calgon" call - remember the bath commercial, "Calgon, take me away!" (I probably just dated myself. The lunch was just what I needed and I'm glad that Tamra reached out to me.

I love catching up with the girls. I have come to the conclusion though that I enjoy the girls better on a one on one basis. I find them less confrontational, more conversational and more importantly - quieter! I must have really sensitive ears, because I get really agitated with loud screams and shrills. I prefer to relax and have a chill conversation. I also prefer to go unnoticed in a public setting, which is hard to do with the entire gang.

Of course I've been watching the series - I'm addicted! The Havasu episode left me nauseous though. I got a knot in my stomach watching it. The series seems to be drifting away from documenting the individual housewives' lives and instead is more focused on bringing the housewives together to see who will fight who. I run from this type of drama. I feel life is complicated enough without adding drummed up drama. Also large groups of drunken people make me nervous. Thank God that my alcohol allergies limit me to one drink. Tamra, please tell me my eyes were playing tricks on me and you were not riding the fountain! Maybe I'm just jealous that they had so much fun? No really though, I did get jealous when I saw the footage from the Del Mar Racetrack. Two of my favorite things: horses and big hats. I really had wanted to attend the races, but I was just not in the partying mood at the time. I must say all the girls looked stunning in their hats.