Lauri Peterson

After an emotional year, Lauri Waring Peterson and her son Josh speak candidly about his battle with drug addiction.

on Jan 22, 2008 Is that girlfriend still around?

Josh: You had to ask! She's the one we see you sit next to at the wedding, right?

Josh: Yeah. ... We're both making lots of changes in our lives right now. You know, it's sad because I lived with her. ... when you live with someone and when you date someone, when you're living with them, you're getting to know them ten time faster. And I lived with her for six months. And I loved her more everyday. She was the one person that was really trying to push my family, me into reconciling with my family. She was the one that pushed me. She watched me do drugs everyday, and she told me, "You can't keep doing this. You can't keep living like this. You're going to end up dead." And I knew she was right. I knew she was right. I looked her in her green eyes and just ignored it. Until one day I said, "I cannot not go to this wedding. There's no way I can't do it." My family is changing, not disappearing. I just have to step up and just be happy with it. And she was like, "I'll be there with you for every step you take through it." I was like, "Alright, let's do this." I called my mom. My mom actually picked us up. I was actually car-less at the time. Life has changed. ... Now I bought my own Audi and I'm trying to make things happen just in the last minute.

Lauri: Wait a minute - who helped you buy that Audi [ laughing]? ... I have to give props to [Josh's ex-girlfriend] because it was interesting hearing Josh just then say, "She watched me do drugs everyday, and I couldn't do this anymore..." Well, we all said those same things too. But as parents, children don't hear parents' voices. So, thank God, he had her in his life at that time. He heard her. He didn't hear us, but he did hear. So, I appreciate her for that. But I think Josh kind of summed it up...Josh is 19-years-old now. That's another thing that viewers don't realize. They still think of him as being 16 or whatever. So, Josh is 19, and both of them just needed to make some changes. They needed to work through the changes and be strong people, so they can be good for each other. So, they're both working on their lives individually. Who knows what the future holds?