Quinn Fry

Quinn Fry looks back on the third season of Real Housewives, and says a big thank you to fans!

on Jan 27, 2009

I've gotten myself back into the gym and with the help of my good friend Gina Adams at advancetrainer.net. She worked me out very HARD with weight training and cardio, and I have lost 27 lbs so far! Here is when I do a Vicki: WOOOOO-HOOOOO! I'm still working out hard and watching my carbs to get in even better shape. Who knows — maybe next season I'll give Tamra a run for her money for the "Hottest Housewife in the OC" comment ... just kidding.

Since the filming is over, I've been spending most of my free time with my family and friends. I haven't really gotten back out in the dating world just yet, although I've had opportunities. I just think I need a break to work on me. I'm feeling VERY good about things right now and am looking forward to this year. Colin will graduate this year and that's exciting. He is such a talented, strong, yet sweet young man and I am blessed to have him. I went up to Eureka and got to spend time with Shannon over the Christmas holiday. Sigh. I sure miss her truckloads! Maybe next season you can meet my beautiful daughter.

Finally, I wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU to all the RHoOC fans. I'm sure that it wasn't easy letting me into your circle so late in the game. I'm new and I know it took everyone awhile to get to know me. Thank you also for all your words of encouragement and support in your e-mails and on the Bravotv.com blogs. Don't be too hard or judgmental towards us — this is all just meant to be fun and entertaining TV.