Quinn Fry

New Housewife Quinn Fry might like younger men, but that doesn't make her a cougar.

on Dec 13, 2007


I really thought that the word "cougar" was a term used for a confident, beautiful, sexy, and sophisticated feline that prowls after younger men. She also avoids a real relationship in favor of ... the adventure of the hunt. I don't think I am a cougar. Yes, I do tend to date younger men, but I am not the aggressor — they always approach me. I don't think about age a lot. I have many friends male and female with age ranges from 22-85. I'm a kid at heart and that keeps me young. But lately I've been reading up on the "cougar," MSN did a great article. Check THIS out! Hmm ... after reading that article maybe this "cougar" thing might not be too bad! Meow!

You might wonder what age would be too young, and the answer is 26! And yes, I agree that is too darn young and I'm not as hot as Demi Moore ... we have all decided that [waves at Tamra — I still love ya girl.] When Jared and I first met (over a year ago) I had no idea how old he was. He was smart, articulate, smooth, confidant, witty, and very, VERY charming. He was also hanging out that evening with other men in their 30s and 40s, so I took him to be somewhere between 32-36ish. We never talked about age at all; we just flirted most of the night. Who can blame me? He is a hottie!