Simon Barney

Simon talks about the "girls only" trip, his marriage, and his conflict with Vicki.

on Dec 28, 2009


Let's stick to the facts! I have no problem with my wife going on a "girls trip." Didn't she go to Vegas last year, and San Diego with the girls the year before? According to Tamra, on both trips there was one housewife whose behavior as a married woman was inappropriate. So no! I don't approve of my wife going on a girls trip with that housewives anymore. Then add the fact that Vicki is the only housewife trying to disrupt and interfere with my marriage.

Let me get off the trip for a moment to address again the theme this season. "Simon the controlling evil husband." I have been presented over and over as being controlling. Yes, it’s true! I admit it again. I am controlling! Controlling the damage and protecting my family. If you have seen my wife in the last few seasons, you know that if I was controlling I must suck at it. Or on the other hand if I am controlling, can you just imagine what she would be like if I wasn't?

Back to Florida - I have to say I was not looking forward to this trip. Unfortunately, this was the only vacation my wife and I were going to be able to take this year, so spending it with Vicki was not on the top of my vacation list. We would have preferred to vacation with our kids or just the two of us. One thing nice about our relationship is we do enjoy each other's company.

During the trip you see Vicki get upset every time she isn't in control, or when it came to the guys. The funny thing is this was never a girls only trip. To tell the truth, Jim, Donn and I were invited by the staff (not Vicki) once our wives expressed that we don't take vacations apart. Vicki labeled it "girls trip" when she didn't want Donn to go. We have all seen Vicki tell him, "you're not invited" in the past. Unfortunately she doesn't realize how much it hurts his feelings. I actually had no plans to be on film in Florida and went at Tamra's request to give her support.