Tammy Knickerbocker

Tammy Knickerbocker explains why it's tough to be on TV.

on Feb 23, 2007

I often hear feedback from people encouraging me to "get over the past and move on." I will say that despite our little trips down memory lane in the show, I am not really prone to sentimentality by nature. Dwelling on the past has never served me well in the present, where the business of life takes place. Notwithstanding, without my history, my story, as could possibly be depicted on TV, probably wouldn't be of much interest to the average viewer if it taken completely out of context.

I would speculate that the producers chose to lay some groundwork and show more of my past in order to give more clues to my present and future state of affairs, especially since I am new to the show. The exceptional is often entertaining for television and common things are, well... common. My story is exceptional only in so much as I once had what many consider the dream life. I enjoyed a privileged lifestyle, a healthy intact family, and a rewarding career.

Life then took me in some different directions and down a few roads I would not have voluntarily chosen as my path. I lost many things of value to me in the process (material and non-material), but in place I think I have received a more centered spirit and the awestruck appreciation of witnessing the unfolding of a life, with all its twists and turns.