Tammy Knickerbocker

Tammy Knickerbocker explains why it's tough to be on TV.

on Feb 23, 2007

Regarding Lindsey's car wreck, I have to admit that I was not shocked that Lindsey got in a wreck the first day after receiving her driver's license. I was just relieved that nobody was hurt in the accident. Megan called to tell me about accident and she began by saying "Mom, don't worry but..." Of course that caused me to go from not-worried to worried in about 2.2 nanoseconds.

I have been driving with Lindsey for two years, she was afraid to get her license. It took until she was almost eighteen years old to finally take the test. Now when I was a kid, I recall being unable to wait until I turned sixteen so I could start driving. I guess things are different since all of Lindsey's friends have cars and she is able to get around town with them. I am glad she waited, but more than anything else I'm pleased that she did it herself. I advised both my girls that if they wanted their licenses, they needed to figure out the process for themselves, what paper work is required, etc.

I thought that if they were old enough to drive than they are old enough to figure it out. However, to be honest, I was also probably trying to delay the inevitable. I believe that most parents are terrified to see their children behind the wheel. It's a very vulnerable moment.