Tamra Barney

The girls got wild in San Diego, and Tamra Barney decides to kiss and tell.

on Dec 18, 2007


The ladies and I had an amazing time in San Diego. The US Grant is a beautiful hotel, and the staff made us all feel like royalty. We thought it would be nice for all the girls to get together and take Jeana's mind off things. Jeana is a very strong woman, and there's no doubt she will be fine. However, separating from your spouse of 20 something years is not easy for anyone, no matter what the circumstances are. We were all there for Jeana, and she knows we love and support her in whatever decision she makes.

Spending the weekend with the girls in San Diego was definitely a time for me to get to know them better. All the Housewives have been so nice to me. There has never been a time that they didn't make me feel like one of the family. Vicki and I get along very well, and I feel like she is the sister that I never had. Her drive and motivation is very inspiring to me and others. Simon and I both enjoy hanging out with Vicki and Donn. They are such a great couple. I wish Donn got more camera time — he is so damn funny! The kiss was not a big deal — the club was playing that song "Kiss" by Prince, and we were just joking around. "I just want your extra time and your ... KISS" You have to admit — it is a catchy tune!