Tamra Barney

Tamra Barney talks about the three most important men in her life.

on Nov 19, 2007


This is a fun episode, because you all get to meet Spencer. He's a smart, loving , funny boy! He is a lot like Simon, he is very quiet and you can see his mind ticking away all the time. He is the first one to tell me every day "Mom, you look beautiful" or he wants to give his toys and money away to someone that really needs it. He is a very kind-hearted kid. However, he is very stubborn and can stick to his guns to the end if he doesn't want to do something. He loves video games, he would spend all day playing them. He also loves baseball and is looking forward to this season. Spencer has a great head on his shoulders at 7 — so I'm sure he will go far in life.


I know that to a lot of you, it might seem that Simon is a little tough on Ryan, but he is not. He just wants the best for Ryan, and I think he is finally getting it. Ryan is a free spirit and would live off the earth if he could, Simon is very motivated and strives to be better all the time.