Tamra Barney

What's hotter than fuzzy handcuffs? Tamra Barney defines what really makes a Real Housewife sexy.

on Dec 16, 2008

I have a hard time feeling guilty and taking the blame for Ryan's lack of motivation. Like most divorced parents, you feel so much guilt for choosing a path that is not ideal for your child. As a single Mom I worked almost 7 days a week and he spent a lot of time in daycare - I simply didn't feel like I was there for him enough. I now realize that Ryan is an adult and he needs to choose his own path and take responsibility for his own actions. Simon and I just want Ryan to be happy in whatever career he chooses. I am proud that he continues to hold down a job, I just wish he was working in a career he enjoys. It was exciting watching Simon and Ryan at the shooting range. I think as Ryan gets older he appreciates Simon so much more. I think he finally realizes that Simon just wants what is best for him and a little tough love won't hurt him.

I think Kara looks up to Simon - they have very similar personalities. Simon was more then happy to take Kara to the shooting range. I was suppose to go shooting with them, but backed out at the last minute. I am deathly afraid of guns and I just couldn't do it. I feel the world would be a better place without guns. I was freaked out when the kids said they wanted go and watch, but Simon assured me they would be behind the glass (as they were). Hey Jeana, what's up with the soul mate comment? I thought I was Simon's soul mate!

Our dinner at K'ya started out nice, with good food, cocktails and lots of girl talk. Suddenly that talk turned sour! I'm not sure why Jeana was defending Vicki's ex-husband - I don't even think she knows him. But there is one thing I do know — don't stick up for your friend's ex-husband! I tried to stay neutral, but I couldn't keep my mouth shut (oh, what a surprise). I have little compassion for a parent who has no communication with his or her child. I don't care if they move to the moon - you still stay in contact! As a parent, I would die before I turned my back on my children.