Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki discusses the reunion drama, and reflects on five fabulous seasons as an OC Housewife.

on Mar 11, 2010

Speaking of Slade, we have never had a "real reason" not to like each other and I actually don't know how it even started. Bottom line is I have NO respect for the man. I was a single mother of two children who never received child support when I got divorced. For Slade to be jumping around from red carpet event to traveling and NOT providing for his children is wrong! I don't understand how Gretchen supports that in a man. I sure hope she doesn't have children with him with four children that he elects not to support. We'll see how much she condones his actions then!

I'm sad to see Tamra and Simon start the process of divorce but I truly didn't see any way out of it for them. They were on a downhill spiral and without serious counseling I don't know how it could have survived. I'm proud of Tamra that she has the strength with three little kids to move out and to start a life with herself free from the abuse.

When I told Andy tonight that the fun is gone - I meant it. We used to have SO much fun - now it's almost painful with the new cast these past two years. Between Slade, Simon and Alexis, it's brutal for me to be around. I said last week that if it was my last day on earth, Alexis, Simon and Slade would be the last three people I would have wanted to spend my life on this earth with. They are disrespectful, hurtful and mean. From this day forward, I'm only going to surround myself with people that love me, respect me, teach me to be a better person and make me laugh. Don't you think that's a great way to live?