Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki talks about Michael's poker playing, the slumber party, and TP'ing Jeana's house!

on Jan 14, 2010


Today I am sitting at my condo in Puerto Vallarta writing my blog and thankful for my life. Yesterday, we almost lost my brother to a near-death drowning in the ocean. I thank God that he survived and is still with us. It really makes you appreciate the people in your life, because at any moment they can be taken away from us.

I'm so proud that Michael has joined my team of professional life insurance agents at Coto Insurance. Currently, he is leading the sales force with the most sales placed this month. Michael has always had a great math mind, which also has benefited him in his hobby of playing poker. Although he played a lot of poker prior to starting at Coto Insurance, he has minimized it now to only a few times per month. I'm not a gambler at all, so for me it was a little scary seeing him doing so well. I didn't want him to make poker playing a full time job, and he hasn't.

I decided to have the ladies over for dinner and a sleepover because I wanted to reconcile from the Florida trip and was hopeful that we could so in my home. Although it wasn't a true sleepover, it still was nice having them over for dinner and drinks. I think we were all more comfortable going home to our own beds versus doing sleeping bags like teenagers. I was worried about it being a boring night, so I decided to have a psychic over to do some readings. Although I really don't believe in it 100%, I thought it would be fun.