Lydia McLaughlin: Iceland Brought Vicki and Tamra Together!

"You can see how much pain they have both have experienced, but their love and friendship finally wins out."

Iceland is absolutely breathtaking and and this trip was seriously memorable. You can check out the feature article our team did in NOBLEMAN Magazine in our Fall Issue (available in Barnes & Noble nationwide).

It is never fun seeing people you love sick, and seeing Vicki getting rushed off to the hospital was traumatic. I walked out of my room to meet the girls for dinner, and I saw an ambulance and police cars, and I was shocked. I rushed up to the girls’ rooms and couldn’t believe everything that was happening. Peggy was so stressed out and looked so worried and it made me super nervous. When things feel out of my control, I pray. It gives me peace and centers me. I know some of the girls are believers, and I just felt Vicki needed prayers in that situation. We were not allowed into Vicki's room and I had no idea what was going on with her. Prayers were the only thing I could offer to try and support her in that situation.

The hospital was over an hour away from the hotel. When Vicki left in the ambulance, they wouldn’t let any of us ride with her. I quickly called for a car and went to my room to grab a coat. When I got to the table and the girls wanted to eat, I was fine with that. I just wanted to get to the hospital. I was the host and my friend left in an ambulance, so of course I was going to go to be with her.

The Real Housewives of Orange County
Peggy Will Not Wait for Kelly
Peggy wants to visit Vicki, but Kelly wants Peggy to wait while she finishes her meal.

It was so nice to have Peggy join me at the hospital. She really cares about Vicki and is a good friend. Once we got back to the hotel, I was exhausted. We had climbed a glacier, rode ATVs and had such a full day, all I could think about was my bed. The next morning when Peggy wouldn’t join us, I was confused. I had last seen her thinking she was off to bed too and everything was fine. I was getting frustrated as the day progressed since she wasn’t communicating with me. Obviously a lot happened while I was sleeping!

The Real Housewives of Orange County
Shannon Is Sick Watching Vicki and Tamra Make up
She's a...f***ing liar.

It makes me so happy to see Vicki and Tamra together. I can’t believe I wasn’t there to see the breakthrough moment, but watching it on this episode warms my heart. You can see how much pain they have both have experienced, but their love and friendship finally wins out. Shannon and I started getting along as well in Iceland, and I have a lot of memories laughing with her.

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