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Jo: Virgo

Jo De La Rosa talks about her big move, and explains why she's a typical Virgo.


I wasn't at the astrology party in this episode. Still, I'm a virgo. And I'm totally typical. We're perfectionists, we're very organized and down-to-earth. I think it sort of suits me. Everyone gets to see my slippers in this episode. I can't live without my stinky pinkies. I got them at Wal-Mart. They're not that old, they're a couple of years old. And in my defense the name is worse than the slippers. They don't actually stink. I just love them. I have stinky pinkies, but I don't have stinky feet. So, I found the apartment on Craigslist. It was perfect because of the location, but was definitely hard to go from 6,000 square feet to go to this apartment, with two bedrooms, two baths and no walk-in closet.


And I didn't have any furniture. I left everything to my Mom when I moved in with Slade, I'd been living with him for three years. All the furniture belonged to him. I had nothing. Not a fork or toothpick. I needed plates, cups, glasses, nothing.


JJ brought in her couch, which was great. I slept there for a week. And then my back started hurting and I had to borrow a blow-up mattress.


And in this episode, we get to witness "daddy mode." It's when I feel like I'm being treated like I'm five. Everything I do is criticized, or not good enough, or flat-out dead wrong and so I feel like I can't do anything right. I mean, I think a lot of people go through this in their relationships. It's icky. When a partner gets really overprotective. Which makes them into a parent. And I don't want a father, I want a boyfriend. It puts a huge strain on the relationship.


Oh, and I've given up espresso, which is kind of big news. I've moved on to green tea with ginger. I gave it up when I realized I was an addict. It's made me a lot more normal. I had no idea that so much caffeine was making me have this sort of roller-coaster. I'd be all tweaked out and then just exhausted. So, I'm a lot more level. Wow. See you next week, everyone!