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Ashley On...the Wedding

Ashley Waring shares her top five moments from the wedding!

Your mom finally gets married — tell us about the wedding!
The wedding was absolutely phenomenal! Every detail was thought out perfectly! I mean there really isn't much to say — you who saw it know that it was breathtaking!

Your speech was beautiful -- how did you finally figure out what to say? (Any advice for other maids of honor?)
This being my first experience as maid of honor I had no idea what to say! I had never given a speech outside of school or an event ... nothing ever personal or heartfelt! At first I "planned" on having my speech done a month early so I could practice it and make sure it was exactly what I wanted to say! But I was a little busy and didn't end up writing it until two nights prior! Yes — I am the all-time procrastinator, but I work best in a stressful situation! I knew I wanted my speech to be funny, light, a little sappy, and a little bit of a tear jerker! I just sat down and brainstormed for a few hours and got ideas from close friend.! All in all I think I accomplished a very sentimental speech. I still have friends and family coming up to me and giving me their praises! It meant a lot to me to be able to give that speech at the wedding. It was in front of close family and the people that are most important friends in my mom and George's life.

How was it seeing Jo again — you said you were surprised by her singing career ... You hadn't read about it anywhere? It was good seeing Jo. I had just seen her a few weeks prior for her birthday in LA. I have known about her singing career ever since it came out last season. I do not follow her career and by this I was surprised that she was going on tour. (She mentioned that at the cocktail party). So I think that's what I meant when I sounded "surprised by her singing career." I have yet to listen to her final song that she made last year since I heard the "rough draft." Plus I had like four apple martinis — I had no idea what I was talking about. But more power to her, and if singing is what makes her happy and she thinks that it is her calling then I think she should focus on it and not look back. She has my blessings.

What were your top five favorite moments from this season?
Miami Ink, chicken and gorilla outfits, THE RV EXPERIENCE, Austin Scarlett, throwing my mom's bridal shower, and being maid of honor!