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Viva Puerto Vallarta

Jeana Keough shares why Puerto Vallarta was the perfect vacation spot.

Vicki and my family headed to Puerto Vallarta. Of course Vicki made all the reservations for Reese, Lauren, Colby, Michael, Brianna, Colton, Blair, and Kara. We had so much fun. Vicki had lots of bags with her — she travels with her computer and brings clothes for her friend Antonio's kids. She has so much energy. When we got to the airport, Lauren's connecting flight was late. There was only one flight a day so Vicky ran four terminals over to get her and came racing back exhausted and bleeding. Lauren would never have been able to run to the front of lines like Vicki did!

The weather was beautiful and the place was awesome. It was Colton's favorite vacation ever. The kids went foam dancing and horseback riding. Colton loved the go-cart, which is what we did when the others went zip lining. Blair had had surgery on his arm, so that didn't feel safe to us. We also rode on Dune buggies, which were really fun. Dancing, eating, laying on the beach, wave runners ... all in all a great time was had by all. We are going back in January.


As for the part where I was teasing Lauren: The camera makes a bigger deal out of it then it was. Lauren can take a joke. In recent news, we had a great holiday. Shane was home and we cooked big meals every night with friends and family over. I had dishpan hands! We all went on a Christmas boat parade with Tammy and Michael. It was fun and the night was magical, no coats needed. Michael is an amazing captain and Tammy a very gracious hostess as usual.

The holidays are a very special time for all of us, but we have snuck in some quality lunches and shopping with each other. It is wonderful to have such nice supportive friends. New and old. We are all really enjoying Quinn and Tamara.

Happy holidays to all! Please check out our Web site at for some of our favorite items!