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San Diego, Real Estate, and...The Kiss

The girls got wild in San Diego, and Tamra Barney decides to kiss and tell.


The ladies and I had an amazing time in San Diego. The US Grant is a beautiful hotel, and the staff made us all feel like royalty. We thought it would be nice for all the girls to get together and take Jeana's mind off things. Jeana is a very strong woman, and there's no doubt she will be fine. However, separating from your spouse of 20 something years is not easy for anyone, no matter what the circumstances are. We were all there for Jeana, and she knows we love and support her in whatever decision she makes.

Spending the weekend with the girls in San Diego was definitely a time for me to get to know them better. All the Housewives have been so nice to me. There has never been a time that they didn't make me feel like one of the family. Vicki and I get along very well, and I feel like she is the sister that I never had. Her drive and motivation is very inspiring to me and others. Simon and I both enjoy hanging out with Vicki and Donn. They are such a great couple. I wish Donn got more camera time — he is so damn funny! The kiss was not a big deal — the club was playing that song "Kiss" by Prince, and we were just joking around. "I just want your extra time and your ... KISS" You have to admit — it is a catchy tune!

Jeana and Vicki's bickering about Frankie is their business. I'm really not 100% sure what was going on. They are best friends that are doing business together, and that never seems to go smoothly in my experience. I think when you do business with friends you tend to hold back your true feelings, then things start building up, and once they got it out they were back to being BFFs. It really wasn't that big of a deal!

Jeana is one of the top realtors in Coto! I can't compete with that...yet. I admire her. I also joke with her all the time about running circles around her soon, and she knows I'm joking. I have a long way to go in my career to be at her level. She has really been a mentor to me during the past year. If ever I have a real estate question, I know I can call her to help me out. Thanks, Jeana!

You also see me take my clients out to lunch to celebrate their pending sales. These clients happen to be very good friends of mine as well. As a professional you know your boundaries, there are certain clients I would NEVER do this with. These clients happen to have a great sense of humor (like asking for Jeana's phone number numerous times throughout the season) and love to have fun. I would not normally be drinking and joking like that in an unprofessional manner if they were not my friends. It's all about knowing your boundaries!