Alexis Bellino

Alexis explains why she was so upset at Peggy's dinner.

on May 1, 2011

Moving into the limo ride now they make accusations that they don't know what Jim does for a living, yet he changes homes and cars all the time."Yes, it's called leasing a car, and it's called moving. Vicki can just ask her boyfriend, Brooks, what Jim does for a living because Brooks just had lunch with Jim and they discussed careers. How can Vicki not know what my husband does when her friend was going to rent one of our rental properties? Let me put my husband's career into layman's terms for Vicki and Tamra, since they are so interested to know about Jim's career, not that they deserve any explanation. My husband and I own many rental properties, large and small, that give us monthly income. We also own In Vogue, in Laguna Beach. Also, my husband sold his company which was the largest internet retailer of pool tables in the world. Vicki seems to think that unless you work fifteen hours a day, you cannot possibly work. Jim, however, works smart and not hard. Sure there are days he works fifteen hours, but those are seldom. We have a staff, and our marriage comes before working fifteen hour days. If either Vicki or Tamra would pick up the phone and call me, I could very easily answer any questions they may have. Instead, they choose to gossip and make accusations.

At Peggy's home, when Gretchen is the first to arrive, Peggy is disappointed that Slade didn't come. Here starts the pity party. People do have lives, and a dinner party is not the royal wedding, it's friends getting together to enjoy dinner. In my opinion, she should enjoy who did come instead of guilt tripping them about those who didn't.

When I arrive to the party, I notice how amazingly beautiful the table was set up! Peggy and Micah did such a great job, it was breathtaking. It's kind of a cute joke that Peggy's husband's nickname is Micah Stewart, because he's always had a gift for decorating.

Before I discuss my behavior that evening, it is important I make something very clear. Jim did not come to Peggy's dinner party, because he did not want to be with those women. I have to be honest, by the end of the evening I could understand why he didn't want to be with those women. Besides the fact that Jim has that right. He can choose what he wants to do. This is not the Househusbands of Orange County, it's the Housewives of Orange County.