Alexis Bellino

Alexis discusses her dress line and addresses Tamra's comments.

on Mar 27, 2011

It's good to see Tamra and Vicki working on their friendship again. I think all friendships go through ups and downs, and strong friends can overcome anything. Tamra did say some mean things about Vicki last year, but Vicki can sometimes say things that seem a little harsh (last year, not so much this year), so I can see both sides of how the friendship was strained. Unfortunately now I am the friend that Tamra has decided to brutalize. I guess I never had a friendship with Tamra, it was one sided. Jim says that I have a tendency to be naive and love everyone, even when they stab me in the back. This definitely holds true in this case. Nonetheless, I am happy for Vicki and Tamra starting fresh. And what better place than in Cabo! Watching it made me want to go so badly! I'm such a water, sand, and sun kind of girl! It was super funny when Tamra actually called Vicki sitting right beside her on the limo ride to the airport. I was rolling! That is so typical of Vicki to work on her way to a vacation, but God love her! And I have to say I feel a little like Vicki right now trying to launch Alexis Couture! I live, breathe, and eat work right now. (In off hours from mommy-ing, of course!) I am averaging about four hours of sleep a night... but it's all going to be worth it!

You definitely cannot say that their Cabo trip was boring! Geez, I don't know how many days they were there, but it seemed very action packed! I have no comment about the body shot scene. I plead the fifth. I'm sure everyone knows how I feel, no need to beat a dead horse. Next we see Vicki ask Tamra to write what she expects in a friendship and what she values in a friend. I was thinking, "Oh boy, I can't wait to hear this one!" I like that Vicki did that, and I was surprised Tamra actually gave in. At that dinner, Vicki almost throws up from her salad with eggs. Hmm, wonder why it's OK for Vicki to have a reaction like that, but when I am the one to do it with foie gras, it's unacceptable. When I have a knee-jerk reaction, I am acting like "classless trash." Just an observation.

Let's change to a positive topic! At 21 Oceanfront for dinner, Gretchen and I had a blast! When do we not? (Only in that limo ride home from Tamra's party LOL!) Gretchen informs me that she is planning this amazing 40th anniversary for her parents. That is crazy! Forty years together? That is just simply awesome! Congrats, mom and dad! I love those two! I truly wish everyone in America could know Gretchen's mom and dad, they are just so freaking cute. Jim and I laugh all night when we are around them, and they both just love life and each other. I told Gretchen I couldn't wait to be at their anniversary, but of course I wasn't invited...hehehe. I have heard all about the "surprise" Gretchen threw them, and I am waiting anxiously, just like all of you, to see this event! Of course the cameras turn to me saying "biblically" a few more times... Let me just say this: I have heard the word "biblically" more times this season than I have heard it in my entire 34 years of life. Although I love Gretchen, the lease agreement has got to go! There can be no leasing a relationship, you are either in for better or worse, or you're not. I cannot tell if Gretchen is serious about the leasing -- I think she meant it to be a joke, but I do believe there is some truth behind it, because she does have a small commitment problem. We have talked about it. I'm trying to get her to my therapist, Sandy, because I think it's Gretchen's past relationships that have her scared. Jim and I love and support Gretchen and Slade together, and we trust they will make the best decision for their future! (I'm just ready to help her plan the wedding! Come on G, let's go!)