Alexis Bellino

Alexis gives her opinion on Tamra and Fernanda's kiss.

on Apr 23, 2011

Today is Easter! Christ has risen! What an amazing day! My kids wake up to cotton balls all over the house "proving" that Peter Cottontail did actually come drop off the Easter baskets! (It's fun to see their expressions, but it sure is a lot of work to clean up!) Then we go to our family brunch and egg hunt and then church! This Easter Pastor Jentezen flew in live lions for the church set, so the kids are pretty excited!

Slade's birthday surprise for Gretchen was such an amazingly thoughtful, fun, and spontaneous gift! I loved it! Jim almost had a painting of me done last year for our anniversary, so I totally related to it and thought Slade hit a home run. Gretchen was a great sport with the painter pants, and I love the painting they made together! The fact that Slade had a portrait of Gretchen made was priceless. It doesn't matter how much the gift is worth, it matters more the thought and meaning...and it was apparent Slade put a lot of time and thought into this special day! This scene is living proof that if you step outside your box (i.e. Gretchen was timid at first but dove right in), it can become one of the best experiences of your life.

When I was driving to Vicki's house, I cannot lie, I was nervous! I didn't know what to expect, and I didn't know why I would agree to go to her home, rather than meet at a neutral location. However, something in me told me to just go. So when she opened the door with a smile and soft hello, I remembered why I liked her. Vicki has this way about her to make you feel OK and comfortable when you are in her presence. The thing I do not understand is that I thought our conversation went so well. When I was driving home that night, I thought she was truly happy for me and that she seemed happy for Alexis Couture. However, when I watched this episode, it shocked me to hear the things come out in the interview. She was acting kind and supportive to my face, and then BAM! She throws a dig at me behind my back. Vicki states, "What's with the dresses? How can she do that? Last I heard she was a fitness which is it?" Now why in the heck didn't she tell me that to my face -- at her house? Why didn't she just be real with me? That's all I want from these girls. I'm not being judgmental, I'm simply asking a question. And for the record, yes, I did just start a dress line. I graduated from college with a marketing degree, changed my mind about my career, and ended up managing a health club for a few years, and now I'm designing dresses. Yes, it's called the American dream, it's called thinking outside the box, and I may even change my mind tomorrow and decide to become a chocolatier. Who is to stop me? People don't have to be labeled a certain way. Last I heard Vicki was making robes and some eyelash product. Isn't that the same as what I'm doing? Insurance sales to robes to eyelashes? Hmm. We can all chase our dreams, and I did just that.

Then Vicki continues to say, "Alexis thinks she's in the big girl world. She's got a lot to learn." Yes, I do have a lot to learn. Bring it on! I love the challenge, I am not afraid, and I learn from my mistakes. I love everything about life. Plus, when Vicki was my age do you think she was sitting back thinking, "Oh, I'm only 34 years old. I have way too much to learn to start this insurance company. I am too young to do anything." No, she was 34 years old and ambitious. If someone has a talent, why sit back and wait? Seize the opportunity, and if you fall along the way, you pick yourself up and start again. At least that is how I live my life. A few moments later I say, "Yes, but I'm married to a man who's had a lot of life lessons." Jim is fifteen years older than me, and I am so blessed to have a best friend who is also my husband and who has already made a lot of the mistakes! He gives me sound advice -- sometimes I listen, sometimes I don't, but the point I was trying to make to Vicki is that just because I am young, doesn't mean I'm not wise enough to ask my other half for advice when I need it.