Alexis Bellino

Alexis talks about her vacation and explains why Jim didn't buy her the ring.

on Mar 20, 2011

The girls' day of shopping with me, Gretchen, and Peggy was such a fun day. I actually thought it was funny that Gretchen answered the door wearing a tiara! I knew it was her way of saying, "It's over and done with." It looked as though I am frustrated about it, but looking back I truly feel it was funny! I don't take anything like that serious with Gretchen, because we are so close. The funniest part is that she even got a license plate frame that says, "This is What a Princess Looks Like." It shows she has a good sense of humor regarding that whole hiccup between us. Good friends argue, and good friends make up. Arguing can be done without name calling and back-stabbing, believe it or not!

Now we are off to Charlie Palmer's for dinner and girl talk... Wow, that was definitely some girl talk! I remember leaving that night thinking how much fun we all had and how great we all got along! Something important to know is that this date at Charlie Palmer's occurred six months ago, and boy have things changed since then. Peggy was a good friend to me at this dinner, and I still had not seen her true colors. After seeing the last two episodes, it's apparent that Peggy had already written me and our friendship off. (Wonder who her influence was...)

However, it was difficult for me to watch the conversation between the three of us once the topic turned to sex. This was one of those times when my head was ducked under the pillow on my couch as I watched... I used bad judgment and it was in poor taste. (But news alert -- married Christian women do have sex with their husbands.)

When it looked as though I was once again competing with Peggy, it was actually my way of relating to her and saying, "I totally get that closet thing..." The one thing Peggy and I have in common is that we both have small toddlers that need a lot of our attention. Peggy needs to chill, I'm not one-upping her, I'm simply relating to the one part of our life that is similar -- young kids and sneaking in the closet.