Alexis Bellino

Alexis reacts to Tamra's comments about her marriage.

on Mar 13, 2011

Bring in the newbies! This episode you get to meet both Peggy and Fernanda -- the new additions! Peggy has been a friend of mine for four years, and as you can see, she is a fun person! The sad part is that our friendship has been strained quite a bit since she became a part of the cast, to the point where I'm not sure it will recover.

Fernanda and I connected right away! I really like her a lot. She is so flamboyant, happy, positive, big-hearted, and fun that it's impossible not to like the girl! She will be a very entertaining addition!

I have to say that the whole scene where Tamra kisses Fernanda was completely awkward to me. It didn't seem genuine, I feel like Tamra was simply looking for attention... from anyone she can get it from. You could tell Fernanda was caught off guard.

When I'm on the play date with Peggy, it looks as though we are in a competition, but that's truly not the case. We had not had a play date for a few weeks, so there was a lot to talk about, and a lot to catch up on. When I'm discussing my twins potty training, I was explaining how I was frustrated that my twins couldn't get potty trained when James was so easy teach. My comment about the potty training was not geared towards Peggy.