Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen dispels any rumors about Slade and talks about her business.

on May 10, 2011

I was very disappointed in the little that was shown of the conversation between Slade and his mom. His mom specifically came into town to give us advice and help with his current situation. Since his mom has dealt with Grayson's mom in the past and the many issues that were at hand, we figured maybe having another perspective might help us figure out a solution to all this and for the sake of Grayson. What you did not see was that Slade's mom is not a very big fan of Grayson's mother and was not seeing light at the end of the tunnel in reasoning with her.  Slade's mom asking him what he does for work was such a small part of the conversation, they talked for close to two hours. His mom truly did not understand anymore what Slade did currently for work because she really isn't around as much anymore. She is enjoying traveling and retirement and all she really knew was Slade working in the title business before. Slade and his mom actually have never talked in detail about what he had been doing the last few years since he left the title business. She truly did not understand what his job was at the time. It seemed like she was ripping on him, and that was not the case at all. She was trying to figure out a plan for his current situation and how to make better and more consistent income. So she was offering advice such as being a lawyer. At the time Slade's contract with his last client had just ended and it was not paying all the bills, so he needed to rethink his current job and was discussing it with his mom. 

Unfortunately the press and one person in particular have perpetuated this very difficult and frustrating situation for Slade. The press and people stating that Slade is a deadbeat father is ridiculous. Just because a man can no longer pay $4,000 a month in support due to loss of a job and financial hardship does not make him a deadbeat father. Normally a man who is not present in a child's life, doesn't care, never sees them, neglects the child, or is abusive or demeaning to a child makes a deadbeat father. Let me be clear that financial inability to pay the same amount in child support due to external circumstances in no way makes a man a deadbeat father. If he was such a deadbeat father then why hasn't the mother of his oldest son been in the press talking poorly about Slade as well?  And furthermore wouldn't his oldest son, Gavin, who is now 19 years of age and has a voice of his own been a great source of truth regarding this statement. Why isn't he in the press saying that about his dad? I'll tell you why, because it's not true!  

It has become apparent this story is being told only through one person's eyes so it can benefit only them, not even taking into consideration how it is affecting Grayson's health, recovery, and relationship with his father. Slade has always chosen not to fight back using the press and stay silent for the sake of not dragging his son into it, but I have seen it hurt him too much now. I have sincerely tried to stay out of it all and not get involved; however I will no longer sit silently and allow this false picture to be painted of Slade as a father.  

I see Slade everyday working hard to try and find a good paying job so he can once again meet his obligations and continue to pay for Grayson's medical expenses. He submits resumes consistently to companies and has worked with head hunters, etc. Unfortunately the hard reality is that because of the false press that is out there, the second a employer googles his name an article stating that he is a deadbeat father is what they find. How can one parent possibly get a job, if another parent is in the press creating the very thing that is keeping him from getting that job to help? One cannot have it both ways, parents have to be on the same team or it will only hurt the child.