Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen thinks the ladies need to lay off her and Slade.

on May 2, 2011

I do find it funny though how much Tamra has to say about Slade not being a good parent. Isn't her son the one that is always getting into trouble? Slade's oldest son Gavin has never been in trouble, he is a straight A college student, he doesn't drink, doesn't do drugs, and has a great job at 19 years of age. Grayson is an amazing kid as well that is dealing with a life threatening disease. We also haven't seen Tamra once this season with her own children and then the week she did have her kids she flew off to Spain to be with her new boyfriend and left the kids with her mom. Maybe she should focus on her own life and her own kids for once and think about her actions like doing soft porn on TV and how it might be affecting her young kids who know mommy isn't even divorced yet from daddy! 

Peggy and Micah threw a beautiful dinner party and thought of every last detail, I was impressed. However, from past dinner party experiences with this group, I had a feeling it might not turn out as perfect as they had hoped for. I had already communicated to Peggy that if Slade had the opportunity to be with his son that weekend he would choose that over the party. I asked if it would be OK to bring another guest in his place, which turned out to be my friend (not assistant) Jack, and she was ok with it. Tension started immediately when Alexis arrived without Jim and then Donn started in about why Slade wasn't present. I found it ironic that Vicki was so adamant last season during the reunion show that Donn would never be disrespectful to another woman. However Donn started the trash talking at the table that night, starting with my lip color. Red Lips at the time were the latest beauty trend, and because I have a beauty community on my site ( where I am constantly posting the latest beauty trends and tips of week, I thought this would be a fun post about how I wore red lips, red nails, and carried a red bag with my black and white dress to a dinner party! Last time I checked people aren't looking to Donn for fashion or beauty tips, but maybe after this he might start to get some calls. Then for Donn to laugh at the fact that Slade had his boys that night and that he would rather spend time with them than go to this party was beyond me. 

Slade wants to spend every second he can with his very ill son, and he most certainly will choose that over anything else. Since there are so many rumors out there including the ones the women on the show continue to perpetuate, I am going to set the record straight on this once and for all. Slade and Grayson's mom agreed through their child support order that she would have first right of refusal to have Grayson if he is sick, which unfortunately for Slade is a lot of the time right now. Slade requests to be with his son every single weekend, and if he is feeling well enough, then Slade makes it a priority to be with him. Gavin (his 19 year old son) was down from Ventura that weekend of Peggy's party, and it was a perfect opportunity for the boys to all hang out together, so they did. As many of you know, Grayson just had his 8th brain surgery and Slade has been an important part of his recovery. Grayson is getting better every day, but still has a long way to go. Slade recently painted a special picture for Grayson to surprise him with on Easter Sunday, and it has been so cute to hear Grayson call every single day to say how much he loves his painting. Slade is a wonderful father, and you can hear it in Grayson's voice how much he adores his father. Slade was just with him again yesterday; check out this adorable picture of the two of them.