Peggy Tanous

Peggy addressed Micah's comments about the secret to a happy marriage.

on Apr 17, 2011

After the dinner scene, you see Tamra and I meet for drinks. This was so much fun! Tamra and I just get along so well and really can be ourselves around each other. I think it's just that we are both in our forties now and don't have the time or energy for petty things. We also have so much in common! You will continue to see more of this throughout the season.

Tamra mentioned she was going to talk to Alexis about the mace incident, and I completely agreed that Tamra did it out of humor. Alexis was making far too big a deal over it. I thought it was nice of Tamra during their conversation to finally say, "OK if it upset you, I'm sorry," but then Alexis kept trying to talk about it more. It made for quite the interesting scene!

As for the scenes with Donn and Vicki, once again like I've said before, we really are seeing how unfortunately they have really grown apart and are not on the same path.

Well I don't have much else to say. Until we meet again!

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