Peggy Tanous

Peggy tells us about her Vegas trip and shares her thoughts on Alexis' preview party.

on May 20, 2011

Concluding this episode you see all of us, minus Vicki, at Alexis' fashion show luncheon. Although at this point our friendship was not great, I still wanted to go support Alexis. Even though we are different people and have grown apart, I harbor no bad feelings toward her and wish her the best. I told her when I arrived that I'm really proud of her. She struggled with being just a mommy, and I'm happy she found something she loves and wants to pursue, and that Jim is OK with it too. The restaurant was decorated beautifully and the food was amazing! And how about shoes as the vases for the flowers? Loved that! The fashion show itself was very informal and kind of cramped with all the tables, but there were a few dresses I thought were nice. 

Now let's get to Vicki being in the hospital. I was shocked and worried when Tamra got the text from Vicki that she was bleeding and in the hospital. I couldn't believe Gretchen thought Vicki was staging this or conveniently getting out of coming to the luncheon. I don't have a history yet with these ladies like Gretchen obviously does, but I was still shocked she questioned Vicki being sick. Gretchen's doubts caused Alexis to then question Vicki, and the rest of the luncheon turned sour. Alexis was getting upset, and Gretchen was mad at Tamra. Although Gretchen thought Tamra was disrupting the party, I thought Tamra was actually being polite by staying at the lunch while worrying about her best friend in the hospital. Seems like everyone gets so sensitive and thinks people are trying to ruin their events, but they all do it. Hmm. Am I missing something? If you dish it out, then be prepared to take it. Don't get mad when others do it too. Just saying!

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