Peggy Tanous

Peggy enjoyed her time in Texas, but wasn't too pleased with Alexis' behavior.

on May 16, 2011

Then we visited the bull pen. I was really disappointed I couldn't ride the bull, because my boobs were still healing. I've always wanted to ride a mechanical bull, and as I said before, when in Rome do as the Romans! I was proud of all the girls for jumping up on the bull and taking charge!

At the end of the adventure you see us coming back to the hotel in the limo. Alexis' lip comment just makes me laugh. Are we in grammar school? Why are you always competing or making jabs at me? Who cares who has bigger lips. I love full lips, and that is why I had my upper one enhanced, but it came across bitchy, judgmental, and rude. Who treats people this way? If she had just made it a cute joke, I would have laughed with her.

Back home we can see Tamra is going through a lot of heavy stuff. I felt so bad for her and know she did not want Simon arrested, but she had to protect herself and the kids. I don't really know Jeana, and maybe she thought she could help, but there was a better way she could have gone about it. Nobody can tell you what is right or wrong. We each perceive and handle situations the way we need to. Jeana's relationship with her husband was completely different than Tamra and Simon's, so she should have just been supportive. 

Only two more episodes. Went so fast! Have a great week, and I look forward to spending next Sunday with all of you again!

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