Tamra Barney

Tamra opens up about her troubles with Simon.

on May 15, 2011

I explained to the cops that I didn't want him arrested, but I needed a report for my divorce file. After talking to me they said they needed to talk with Spencer since he witnessed it. I begged them not to, because I didn't want him any more upset. They wouldn't even let me bring him downstairs. They went up to his room, knocked on his door, and talked with him. When the cops came down, they told me they were going to arrest Simon, since he did this in front of a minor.

I panicked, because making this public was the last thing I wanted. Within five hours of him being arrested it was on TMZ and all over the news. I had news trucks parked outside my house trying to get me to make a statement (I refused), and they were knocking on my neighbors' doors trying to find out if they knew anything. I had to keep my kids out of school and the TV turned off. I did not want them to know daddy was in jail. I couldn't eat or sleep for days, all I did was cry. I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown, I even considered getting medicated. In my mind I thought it was all my fault, that I did the wrong thing by filing a report.

The next morning at 8:00 am I get a call from Jeana Keough. I had not talked to Jeana in almost a year. She started preaching to me that I ruined his life, that he would get fired from his job, how could I do that, and that I needed to fix it now. This only played on my insecurities. She suggested that I go down to the police station and tell them I was drunk and lied to them, so he would get out of jail. Are you kidding me?

I instantly turned to Eddie, who is the voice of reason. He calmed me down and explained to me that it wasn't my fault and Simon needed to be responsible for his actions. I did not show up at his house unannounced and make a scene in front of the kids. No matter how minor my injury, it was not right. But in my mind all I could think was that this used to be my husband, the father of my kids, and he is hurt and acting out to get attention. I felt helpless, and it was easier for me to take the blame and make excuses for him at first. It took me months to process this and to be at peace about the actions which put him in jail and realize it wasn't my fault.