Tamra Barney

Tamra talks about her photo shoot and the Fernanda drama.

on Apr 4, 2011

Vicki was not to sure about going to the Botox party for several reasons that I don't need to mention. The pepper spray was a joke to break the ice with Vicki, It was not meant for actually use. I meant it only as a joke between the two of us. I was so surprised that at the end of the night everyone got along that I made it known...again a joke! I am always looking for the humor in things, and after my shopping party I thought it was a funny. After the party I texted Alexis and thanked her for inviting me, and it was then I found out she was actually mad.    

The reason I looked so shocked when Fernanda brought up being disappointed in me not showing up to her party is because I had already had a conversation with her about it. I thought I had more time to move out of my apartment than I had. I had to make moving plans fast! Eddie actually scheduled the movers while I was in Mexico and that was the only weekend he could find someone on that short of notice. I was on the phone the whole time with the apartment owners, movers, and Eddie while I was filming in Cabo trying to change things around, but I couldn't. Then I got home from Cabo and had to pack in two days. I told her all this and apologized over and over again, and she told me she totally understood and was sorry she couldn't be there for me as well. So it was very awkward for her to approach me on camera like that. I still feel very bad about it, and it made me sad that I wasn't there to share it with her. Also, I want to say I am very sorry for calling her Charo. It was not a nice thing to say at all. Just another time my smart ass mouth said something without thinking first.

This was the first time I got to meet Peggy. I'm not into astrology and know nothing about it, it's all very foreign to me. What I can say is that Peggy does have a sweet energy about her. She is very open and down to earth. We hit it off instantly. 

Tamra Barney