Tamra Barney

Tamra wishes she handled the situation with Jeana differently.

on Jun 6, 2011

Over the weekend I attended the San Diego Rock 'N' Roll marathon benefiting the leukemia and lymphoma society with a record breaking 33,000 runners!  My kids ran the one mile, and Eddie and I ran the half marathon for the second year in a row. This year I did not train and did not expect to finish. As I walked to the shuttle at 4:30 AM a young, beautiful girl walked up to me and was so excited to meet me. She gave me a big hug and told me she was fan of the show. When I asked if she was running the full or the half she said, "I have leukemia and my sister is running for me." My heart broke and I knew at that point I would have to finish. The run was brutal, and I wanted to quit so many times, but we finished for Katie's sister and our time was better than last year. The Rock 'n' Roll marathon is coming to LA on October 30, I hope you can join us. It's a great cause and a lot of fun. Next year my goal is to finish in 1 hour and 45 minutes. I'm going to start training as soon as I can walk again! 

Vicki was brave to continue with her party even though she was an emotional mess. I tried so hard to get her to stop crying and to bring her downstairs to greet her guests. You guys only saw a few minutes of it, but we were up there for a long time. She would pull it together and fix her makeup and then start crying all over again. It was nice that all the girls pulled it together and went up to give Vicki the support she needed.

I can't believe the season is over already. It sure went by fast and definitely went out with so many mixed emotions. I would like to say I am not proud of how I handled the situation with Jeana, and if I had to do it all over again, I would do it differently. Not to make excuses, but I really was in a bad place mentally. The divorce was taking a toll on me, and Jeana constantly talking to the press and bringing my children into it really was the icing on the cake. I tried two weeks prior to sit with Jeana and talk with her about why she felt the need to talk about my divorce to the press. I gave her the opportunity to ask me questions or let me answer any concerns she had, which I really didn't need to do. Especially since she is not my friend and not in my life. She said she was wrong and would not do it again. Besides, didn't Jeana leave the show because she didn't want all the "drama" us Housewives brought? A couple days before the party Jeana once again went to the press and said some pretty horrible things about me and even prompted a story that had a picture of my children in it. I went crazy inside! This is a woman that lets her husband and kids walk all over her. She is so used to abuse that she has low self esteem. The sad thing is I kind of feel sorry for her in a way. I am convinced that Jeana will continue to support men with bad behavior the rest of her life, and that is why she will never be in a healthy relationship.