The First 'Wives Club's Assistant Editor distills all the 'Wife wisdom from Episode 10.

May 9, 2011


The steady deterioration of Vicki and Donn's relationship is definitely hard to watch. It seems only yesterday that they had just refilled their love tanks and renewed their vows. But Vicki's actions have revealed some warning signs of trouble: 

1. Semi-pointedly not making any eye contact during a conversation with your partner

2. Semi-pointedly not answering your partner's questions right away

3. Crying during a wine tasting and then saying, "Everything's perfect."

You know things are bad when Vicki can't stay positive during a girls' outing at a winery. 


Peggy taught us that the best way to keep things spicy with your husband is to provide him with a special reminder of how hot you are. And that reminder should come in the form of racy "boudoir" photos. My question is, where does one keep these pictures? I doubt you want them hanging in the hall with the kids' grade school photos, and you can't just have them in an album on your coffee table. Maybe Peggy and Micah have a special boudoir photo drawer with some sort of lock on it. 

During Alexis' photo shoot we learned the importance of providing a variety of poses. She was laying on the ground, voguing on the stairs, and spinning her necklace like a helicopter. I don't think Tyra would have complained about her film at all, Alexis was smizing and working it like a pro. When Jim was directing her though, I did have to wonder if he was just hoping to get some shots for his own boudoir photo collection. Check out some of Alexis' best work in our Alexis Couture photo gallery

Most importantly, if you set off a fire alarm with your smoke machine, just keep on posing. Fashion stops for no one!