Alexis Bellino

Alexis shares her take on the "intervention" and ponders how friendships change.

on Jun 14, 2012

On a personal note, we just celebrated my husband, Jim's, 50th birthday! I know!!! He doesn't look a day over 38! I surprised him and took him to wine country in Sonoma, along with 30 of our closest friends, some new friends, and some friends he's had for 30 years. He was SHOCKED to say the least! I think he teared up at least four times throughout the weekend, as I just kept surprising him with people joining our group and fun activities along the way! (Don't tell him I said that he teared up or he'd shoot me, hehe!). I will have a blog up on in the next week with all the details and photos of what an amazing, breathtaking, captivating, loving weekend it was! We could not have asked for a better group of people being together to celebrate Jim's milestone, including Vicki and Brooks, who had a blast, although Vicki still worked whenever she could! LOL. I was about to throw her laptop into the vineyards!

My tip of the week inspired by is this: Good posture can actually help your body in many ways you don't consider! Holding your abs in (instead of letting it all hang out) will help keep your tummy bikini ready! Keep your abs firm all day -- in the car, on the computer, walking straight instead of slouched! That's an easy fix!

By seeing that good CAN come out of all of this negativity that has occurred over the past few weeks, I am choosing to focus on the positive, and that's what has always gotten me through. I do what I love and now I know to spend as much time as I can with those who I know love and treasure me as much as I do them. The only way to live a truly happy life is to let go of things that make you hurt, and doing it before the hurt makes you bitter. With the love of my Savior and a great support system, there's nothing I can't get through and no goal I can't achieve.

It's my life, my choices, my mistakes, and my lessons. . .