Alexis Bellino

Alexis shares what she thought was most hilarious in this episode and discusses Slade's act.

on Feb 28, 2012

This is a week full of fun for the Bellinos! My kids are out school this week for "Winter Break" so we brought the kids to La Costa Resort in San DIego. Yesterday it poured rain, so we couldn't do the water slides like we were suppose to, so we had movies, pjs and room service! Today was cold, but we did the African Safari at the Wild Animal Park, which was incredible! Tomorrow will be water slides, and Thursday is Legoland! Heading in to the jacuzzi right now because we were so cold during the Safari that now we need to be de-frosted!

Watching Vicki in the beginning scene while cooking in the kitchen was so hilarious! She just cracks me up! I couldn't stop laughing at Vicki. The more I get to know her, the more I think she is so fabulous. There is never a dull moment around her and I enjoy her so much!

I was glad Heather accepted my invitation to lunch. I wanted to get to know her better (away from the other girls), and I had a great time. I felt it was important that she knew that I was teasing the night at her painting party, and since she didn't know me very well, maybe it needed to be said. Although after watching that episode I feel I came across sarcastic. I honestly was just joking by calling her out when I said "we don't talk about those things," and I wanted her to know that.