Alexis Bellino

Alexis reflects on the emotional reunion and looks towards a future where she's the boss.

on Jul 19, 2012

I have seen Heather being mean to me all season. She tries to make amends with me in my hotel room after premeditating an "intervention" with me. I did actually want to accept her apology in my room the following day and move forward, and I actually thought we might. However, when the rest of the season played out, I saw how she still talked about me in her interviews and to Tamra following Costa Rica, and I couldn't just suddenly forget and move on. I was stand offish because I didn't trust her. I can be kind without being a friend to her. There was even a time when immediately after the night where Terry called me phony on national television, we ran into them at a restaurant here in town and they looked at Jim and I and said, "Come on, let bygones be bygones, come join us, life's too short. . ." You are darned right life is too short! It's too short to go sit at a dinner table with people who are talking smack behind my back on national television but then trying to be nice to my face. I think I smell a little phoniness there.

Heather talked about me non-stop all season long. Then she greets Jim and I with open arms at the party at her home, but moments before while getting ready with Terry she talks about how she'd toss us out if we so much as brought up Terry having called me phony. Then Terry himself is chomping at the bit to discuss the phony comment with Jim at the party. The two-faced actions and double standards are shocking and just plain crazy. And the gossip is endless. I have never in my life dealt with someone who will go to such extremes to try to be kind to my face, all the while calling me names and being so unkind behind my back. I have heard countless stories from friends and acquaintances about Heather's misconduct -- that she used a nasty tone, that she threw her drink on a server, returned food items repeatedly and deliberately to make sure they knew how important she was, spoke down to wait staff, even that she is the biggest gossip at the school. . .and the list goes on. She is projecting her knowledge of her own bad behavior onto me.

After the reunion, I apologized to Heather for my part in all of this mess, and I was hopeful we may actually move forward -- once again. But weeks later, the night the final party actually aired on television, she and Terry were on Twitter saying Jim wasn't invited to their party, when they darn good well knew that Terry had invited Jim. Plus, how would Jim get through their gate without one of them calling him through? This is just one more example of what I've had to deal with all year long. I cannot act like a friend to someone's face when I know someone is constantly demeaning me. I will not tolerate being treated this way anymore, nor will I back down when pushed far enough. It's time I stop being quiet about everything and letting people continue to walk all over me. Do I wish I had said all of this at the reunion? Yes, and I was expecting to do so. Yet I wasn't emotionally healed from Costa Rica at the reunion, so I was not quick on my feet. But guess what. . .I'm healed now.