Alexis Bellino

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on May 10, 2012

Boy, I have had a busy two weeks! Sorry I missed blogging last week!

First of all I must say happy SIXTH birthday to my little prince. I cannot believe he is already 6!!! It's just not fair for them to grow up so fast. I just flew in from NYC, so I'm writing this in the car on my way home from the airport, so I will try to keep it short and sweet since you are getting a two-for-one dealio!

In last week's episode, I learned that I had a lot to learn! But I was happy to have the challenge! Seeing myself with my coach, Terry Anzur, I realized I got more out of that experience than I ever realized I would. Not only was she a master of the trade, but she was so positive and motivating at the same time.

The question the she asked, "What did you give people?" really struck me. To me, it's not just about being on camera or off. It reminded me of the values I grew up with -- no matter what you do in life, you should give it your all, and that's what I want to give people when I'm doing live TV -- my all!

Sometimes when you're learning a new craft, you have to "unlearn" what you've been using in other scenarios that worked all along. With me, I have obviously been in front of cameras, so up to this point I had been operating in a lot of the same ways in front of news cameras. It wasn't working! But that's OK, because it has given me the room to grow and discover a whole new side of myself that I know I can carry into other aspects of my life. I want to drive the bus!