Alexis Bellino

Alexis explains how she's approaching her career, motherhood, and everything else day-by-day.

on May 10, 2012

No matter what, I am proud of myself for taking this once in a lifetime opportunity with Fox 5 and making the most of it. I loved doing it. It gave me a new outlook on life, and I realized I will not look back saying, "what if." To see all of my Fox 5 segments, go to my Facebook page, Alexis Bellino Verified Profile, or visit my YouTube channel. You will see all the segments in their entirety and you will see that I do a darn good job! It is an experience I will never regret doing, and I will always look back and say I'm glad I took the challenge!

When Briana told Vicki that she is married, I had so many emotions running through my body! I was like:

"Yeeeee! Congratulations, you're married!"
"Wait, No, NO, NOOO! You can't do that without your parents!"
"Oh, that's so sweet, Briana is in love."
"Wait! What the heck? We don't know who the guy is!"
"Ohhhh shoot, Vicki is gonna explode in a minute!"

I'm sure many of you ran this gamut of emotions as well. Now that I've had time to process, I feel sad that Vicki missed that special moment with her baby girl. I am one parent who will say that my children DEFINITELY have minds of their own, and they sure do not always do what mommy wants -- even at four years old. So I know there is no guarantee I will walk both my daughters down the aisle, but it is a day every parent dreams about. So although I am happy Briana is in love, I wish Vicki had been included.