Alexis Bellino

Alexis discusses her career -- and Gretchen's critique of it -- as well as Heather and Tamra's comments.

on Apr 25, 2012

I thought it was so cute watching Terry play pool with his son! I can completely understand where Heather is coming from trying to decide if she should go back to work or not. It is a struggle. I feel it's just a balance that is difficult to find when one is a dedicated mother and a strong-minded business woman.

I asked Jim his advice about hiring a talent coach, because he always takes the realistic approach. We talk about everything. When I first began working again, I told him I wanted to keep my priorities straight, because with this career it is SO easy to get diverted. I always want to be sure I'm juggling everything evenly. I trust him the most to tell me if I'm making a good decision. He plays devil's advocate for my sake, but he ultimately always wants me to do what I want. It's absolutely not true that I don't want to be a stay-at-home mom. I am very dedicated to my children. I choose to work from 8 am to 2 pm while they are in school. I think that's why I'm struggling so much this year, because my career is taking off and demanding more time, but I'm not willing to give up volunteering in their classes once a week, making their school lunches, cooking dinners, taking them to/from school and games, and being home with them almost every day from the time they are out of school until the time they go to bed. Timing is everything, and managing time is a skill that even the best moms out there can tell you they struggle with. I call what I'm experiencing "Supermom Syndrome" -- something all career-minded-hands-on-moms go through. It doesn't make us worse moms or bad business people, it's something worthy of praise that means everyone will have to pitch in a little more to make it happen. But the decisions to do so have to make sense for the whole family in every aspect, and that's why any smart Supermom uses her husband as a sounding board and partner in the decision making.