Heather Dubrow

Heather explains how she felt about the mud run and Terry's new clothes.

on Apr 4, 2012

OK! On to tonight's episode!!!

Starting with. . .Terry's wardrobe makeover! I jokingly refer to Terry's style as "Biology Major". It's sad, but true! He is such a handsome guy. But I have to say, seeing a man in David August (by David Heil) clothes is a HUGE turn on. Gorgeous clothes, impeccably tailored, ROCK STAR! OK, I like Terry in the black scrubs too -- but you can't wear those to dinner. Well, I won't let him wear them to dinner! It's like he wears pajamas to work everyday. One time, he even wore his surgical clogs to a wedding! Yikes! NOT OK! Terry really needed this style makeover. David is THE men's clothier. He dresses every major celebrity, dignitary, and billionaire. Lucky for us, he and his gorgeous wife Lisa are also some of our best friends. I'm so glad that he will FINALLY look as sexy and successful as he is!

I love watching Eddie and Tamra together. Such a great couple. I'm so happy that she has decided to open her own business. I think a fitness studio is right up her alley. She is such a health/workout girl. This is something that she will really enjoy doing!

Briana is healthy!!! WHOO HOO!!! Best news ever. As any mother will tell you -- there is nothing worse than having a child who is sick. It's the biggest fear. I'm so happy for Briana and Vicky and their whole family. What a beautiful moment to realize how precious life is and to be grateful for all that we have.