Heather Dubrow

Heather explains how she felt about the mud run and Terry's new clothes.

on Apr 4, 2012

At the end of the race, I am so glad I did it -- but cross it off my bucket list (if it was ever on it!) I'm never doing that again! HAHA! Super fun though!

About the showers. . .we were very late to finish because we stopped to wait for the medic to get Gretchen. So by the time we crossed the finish line the "shower" area was, well, a MUD PIT! Yuck! We did the best we could. . .

But btw, Terry was joking around about hosing us off. He's a jokester, not a peeping Tom.

I thought it was funny that the girls were ragging me about being dressed up at lunch after the mud. I just thought a loose dress sounded comfortable! I mean, come on, how glamorous can you be with mud-caked hair? Such a great lunch, and Tamra, I love you, but I am NOT going skydiving!!!

I love Vicki and Brooks together. Vicki seems like she has been unhappy for so long. It's wonderful to see her accept the fact that she deserves love and has found someone in Brooks who satisfies her and her needs.