Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki discusses adult friendships and defends Brooks.

on Feb 24, 2012

2. Brooks got behind in child support and was arrested. Neither Brooks nor I have denied that and it is terribly humiliating and embarrassing to him.

3. Because Brooks is dating me (which equates to being on camera), he has had to publicly face the backlash from press and people, which he did not want.

4. I do not condone fathers who don't support their children. It is not only a financial responsibility to support your children, but also requires emotional, spiritual, and physical support. When the financial difficulty hit Brooks he more than made up in the other areas of their lives.

5. I have been a single mom and a recipient of an ex-husband who did not consistently financially assist me in supporting Mike and Briana. Not only did my ex-husband abandon my children emotionally, but also he did spiritually and physically. I would never encourage or be with a deadbeat dad because of my personal experience raising Michael and Briana. I therefore understand both sides, but ultimately it's not only the father's responsibility to raise and provide for their children, it's also the mother's. When my ex-husband could not assist me in supporting our children, I picked up the slack and became more creative on how I could support them on my own. I didn't lie down and expect another man to come in and support them for me, nor did I lie down and depend on the government to support me. Read more about this in my book at

I could continue on and on about this, but at the end of the day I just want everyone to know that there are TWO sides to every story. Brooks is an amazing man and father, or I wouldn't be with him. End of discussion.