Alexis Bellino

Alexis can't believe she was able to type the sentence that Tamra apologized to Jim.

on Aug 8, 2013

Holy cow! What an insane evening! For me, this night involved laughter, sobbing, shock, and sadness.

The party started off so well! A Winter Wonderland Win! It didn't take long for the drama to approach. Heather and Gretchen's conversation was weird to me. I can agree with points on both of their sides, however the hug didn't seem genuine. It was like they were at an awkward standstill, so they hugged because they didn't know what else to do.

The same goes for Tamra and Gretchen's talk. Perhaps Vicki's party was the wrong place to try for a serious conversation because time is limited which creates pressure. I have a feeling that neither conversation is completely over yet.

Vicki giving Tamra a bigger, blingier friendship bracelet was hysterical! I have gotten pretty close to Vicki over the past two years, and I knew she was missing Tamra. Vicki would say little comments, or say things in passing that let me know she missed Tamra. Then when I saw them reconnect in Whistler, I was happy for them. I wanted Tamra to know that Vicki had missed her.