Lydia McLaughlin

Lydia considers herself a good friend to Alexis, but that doesn't mean she thinks she is being bullied.

on Apr 29, 2013

On a happier note, my husband Doug and I celebrated 7 years of wedding bliss this weekend and renewed our vows in Vegas. (See our photo!)

Marriage is beautiful and fun. When I've hung out with Eddie and Tamra, they seem so in love and a good balance for one another. I was surprised to see Eddie stressed about their wedding, but I know that opening a new business takes a lot of effort and focus. I think they should plan their wedding when they can really put the energy and time into it and do it right. . .Time will tell.

I love the fact that Vicki's son Michael won't tell her where he lives! It's interesting to see the two extremes of her children. Her daughter Briana and son-in-law Ryan are so involved in Vicki's life and live with her whereas her son is so secretive. Maybe boys are different then girls? If that's the case, I have two sons so I need a daughter!!!

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Until next week.

Xoxo Lydia