Lydia McLaughlin

Lydia explains why pushed Alexis to meet with Tamra -- and shares why she's so shocked by Alexis' blogs.

on Jun 3, 2013

The Lunch: Lunch with Tamra and Alexis went really well. Just like I knew it would! I wasn't setting Alexis up and I would never bring her into a firestorm especially after the whole experience at the CUT party.

Since Alexis knew it went well last week when she posted her blog, I was kind of baffled by her post where she accuses me of not being more understanding about why she was dragging her feet and asking me not to push it with her and the other woman. I knew she was gunshy, but having already spoken to Tamra, I knew that once Alexis and Tamra met in person and cleared the air all would turn out well. I like people to get along. I know some fans think I like to stir up drama, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I'm actually a peacemaker. I say what's on my mind and if a situation is tense -- because the ladies aren't getting along -- I will try to get everyone together to talk about it and move forward.

Mexico: It was a long day of traveling to Puerto Vallarta so going to bed after dinner wasn't far-fetched. However, I was gravitating towards Vicki's carefree attitude of "whooping it up." Plus, we were only there for two nights, it was Tamra's bachelorette, I didn't have my kids with me and I love to dance and have a good time.