Lydia McLaughlin

Before Lydia is introduced, she reflects on the ladies of Orange County and who she thinks is really real.

on Apr 1, 2013

Welcome to my blog! Yeppppeeeee.

I am not introduced until Episode 3. Boo!!! Obviously, there is a lot of history with all the ladies, so there is some catching up to do for you as well as for me. When I walk onto the scene I hear about the friendships and rifts between all the ladies, but it is a whole other thing to see it played out on my TV screen. We are all in for a wild ride!

I had obviously heard of the franchise but I didn't follow The Real Housewives of Orange County before I signed on. My husband Doug and I co-own a magazine called, Beverly Hills Lifestyle so we would watch RHOBH since we work with many of those ladies (Lisa Vanderpump has been a contributor of ours for almost five years). But I really wasn't familiar with the players on RHOC. I knew who they were just by being in tune with pop culture, but I didn't watch the show. I think this helped me when I met the ladies. I really didn't know what the history was with everyone, who liked who, and what the details of the dramas were. I got to meet the girls and, for the most part, formed my own opinions of everyone based on my own interactions.

I loved watching this episode and seeing Vicki become a grandmother. Watching Briana welcome precious Troy into the world made me want to go into my kids' room, wake them up, and squeeze them. Life really is so precious and it's a good reminder before the craziness of the season begins! Vicki is very open and honest with her life, and I admire that about her. I think that is why she has been on the show since the beginning and continues to stay on. She is real and opens herself up completely for the viewer. What an intimate family moment we get to share with them.