Lydia McLaughlin

Lydia introduces the world to her mother and reflects on just how much one should forgive.

on May 6, 2013

Another week and another list of moments that I would change and moments that I laugh at.

First off, I would like to reiterate that when we filmed this Alexis and I were just becoming friends. I liked Alexis and I enjoyed my time with her, but at that point I started to see small contradictions in things she says. I was still trying to navigate my friendship with her and develop it. I think the viewers, particularly Alexis' fans, expect me to defend her to no end. Of course a true friend would always stand by a friend. But for me, back then, I was just trying to figure out why the ladies had such issues with her and where I stood with it all.

Alexis herself told me to ask all the ladies why they didn’t like her. I'm being authentic to Tamra and Heather when I say I'm friends with Alexis, but I do see contradictions in her. Looking back, I've learned that with this group of women in particular, you probably just need to pick a side. But I'm trying to be neutral. My personality is to get along with everyone. You will see as time goes on that I become more of an advocate for Alexis and try to bring her back into the group of ladies. I myself am not even a part of the group at this juncture so I wanted to figure out my place before I established Alexis'.