Lydia McLaughlin

Lydia discusses why Slade's nickname bothered her, when Lauri should have chimed in, and defends Gretchen.

on Jul 1, 2013

Once the shopping was over, we all went to dinner where NONE of us ate placenta, thank you very much! TMI!

When the subject of Gretchen's lying came up, I felt uncomfortable. It's no secret that Gretchen and I haven't been able to become best friends, but why are we talking about her, especially since she wasn't there to give her side of the story. It seemed wrong to be speculating behind her back especially since Gretchen DID come wedding dress shopping, and made the right decision.

In the good news department, I was really excited for Heather and her role on Malibu Country. I know it's Heather's dream to be a working actress and I love seeing it becoming a reality for her. Heather is so talented and this role sounds like it could open even more doors for her. At dinner, we should have been celebrating for all these wonderful things happening in our lives.

Be sure to watch next week for our trip to Canada. I show the ladies my motherland!

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