The First 'Wives Club

Ep 13: Tamra picks a dress, Lauri picks a time to tell Vicki about Brooks, and Heather picks a role Gretchen "had."

on Jul 1, 2013

Hello O.C. fans. I hope you're wearing a corset that holds in not just your mid-section, but also your tears about your possibly philandering, semi-ex. I hear that inner corsets are good for keeping emotional outbursts at wedding dress boutiques at bay.

Three Is the Magic Number
We open with Tamra sneaking carbs to Bronx at CUT Fitness. She and Eddie are having a romantic dinner among the plaster at the gym (which is where all romantic dinners occur). Not only is Tamra opening a gym, she's offering non-fitness related tips for looking better (lean back, never forward). Besides pondering the proper way to stand, she and Eddie discuss Gretchen's dress shopping snub. The season trend of the ladies' abstaining from parties if their nemesis comes continues, and she's not looking at gowns if Alexis is looking at gowns. Can't we all just look at gowns together? Perhaps Tamra could banish them to separate racks (and no that's not a boob joke).

But when the day arrives, the whole gang is locked and loaded and ready to shop -- shop and discuss Tamra's third marriage (well at least Vicki and Lauri were). But I'll give it to Tamra, girl deserves a real dress this time. If you are going through the big dance again you deserve to look your very best doing it. Also deserving to look good -- Gretchen, which is maybe why she decided to wear her old engagement ring for this blessed day.

But before Gretchen arrives and shows off her surprising bling, the gals discuss Slade's "cheeseburger" snafu. According to Vicki, it's like a Goldilocks and the bears situation -- the porridge is always too hot, or too cold, or too frail. And then Lydia calls Slade a 12-year-old girl and a tool. Hmm, it seems that cheeseburger comment will last far beyond those burgers did.