The First 'Wives Club

Ep 15:'s Digital Producer recaps the ice licking and friendship bickering in Whistler.

on Jul 15, 2013

Hello my little marshmallows. I hope you kept your tongue to yourself this week, because, as we saw for Tamra, that never works out.

Gunvalson Out
We open with Vicki and Tamra prepping for dinner. (Did anyone have a Married to Medicine flashback? She's wearing heels honey!) The ladies are packing vino and debating if Vicki's faux fur is too costume-y, but there might not be enough wine in Whistler for this dinner. How many glasses are appropriate after you've called someone a piece of trash? Lydia doesn't think this is how a Canadian woman would behave. Canadian women make a bouquet of maple leaves and focus on the positive. Tamra's plan: ignore. Let's all "just glaze" when people we don't like begin to speak. Let Vicki focus on loving herself and not the chef.

That lasts about as long as it takes for Lauri to bring up Brooks -- then Vicki takes the approach of telling Lauri to shut up and blaming irony. Isn't it ironic that it's so hard for people to know the definition of ironic. (Don't you think?) There are a lot of slammed down forks and accusations of people being hypocrites and then Gretchen gets into the fray.